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About Us

About The Isle of Wight Computer Geek

Established in 2008

I’ve spent most of my life as a computer geek and almost 20 years of that as a professional freelance bespoke website designer and freelance search engine optimiser, I’m also very proud to be a Retained Firefighter with The Isle Of Wight Fire and Rescue Service.

You can see my portfolio on the Website Design page and my SEO projects on my Search Engine Optimisation page as well as lots of recent Client Testimonials. There is a gallery of work on our blog and more info on Facebook and Twitter.

As a child of the 80’s my interest in computers started with playing ‘Atari‘, that annoying game of tennis that you controlled with a little wheel and which only made pinging sounds? I went on to game playing on the BBC, ZX Spectrum and then writing basic games for the Commodore 64 (poke 53281,0: you had to be there to get that!)

So after wasting most of my youth playing computer games, reading science magazines, having crazy dreams about Cagney and Lacey, trying to invent time travel and generally being a nerd I decided to learn web site design in the 1990’s and to get a career.  I went on to work in various IT jobs, installing, networking etc. From there I went on to trouble shooting, PC repairs and diagnostics and then after setting myself up with the necessary insurance I became ‘The Isle Of Wight Computer Geek’, by virtue of the fact that I live on the Isle of Wight and I am, in fact, a self confessed geek.

Since the business started back in 2008 I have built up a team of very skilled and trusted freelancers that specialise in graphic design, database design and security and following investment in 2018 in the business and the introduction of a creative partner I have been able to reshape the business to bring in new projects such as app development and social media training.

References are available from many businesses across the island and throughout the UK and abroad and most importantly I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied.

I’m a nerd, that’s true, but because I am, you don’t have to be!

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