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Recent SEO Examples

Recent SEO Examples

Search Engine Optimisation Isle of Wight, UK & Worldwide

Try the following examples to demonstrate how good SEO techniques really do work for local, national and worldwide searches on websites I have designed, and or optimised for Isle of Wight and other UK and worldwide businesses.

Local Search Engine Optimisation Results

Bartletts Service Station – Within days of being finished this mobile friendly web site had and still maintains top front page Google search results for search terms such as ‘breakdown recovery Isle of Wight’ and ‘van sales Isle of Wight’. Visit Bartletts website at

The Best Dressed Crab – Another fully mobile friendly website which within days of being finished appeared on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for search terms such as ‘Seafood Isle of Wight‘, on google they have both natural and business listings on the front page. Visit The Best Dressed Crab  at

P Dewey Plumbing – A local plumbing business based on the Isle of Wight. The website is fully mobile friendly and has both natural first page listings and appears in the business listings on google for search terms such as ‘Plumbers Isle of Wight‘ Visit

Search Engine Optimisation Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight Geek SEO

National Search Engine Optimization Results

Now some might say it’s easy to get to the top of the search engines for such a small area as The Isle of Wight so let me show you how your company can get national search engine exposure if you need it.

Combley Carp Fisheries – This client approached us as they wanted to get UK wide exposure for their carp sale business. They currently appear at the top of google in the natural search engine listings for terms such as ‘carp for sale UK‘ and ‘scaly carp for sale‘. Visit

Cini Fire Tech are a specialist company that hire out fire engines and fully trained fire fighters to the film and TV Industry. Their website is fully mobile friendly and hits the first page of google worldwide for search terms such as ‘fire cover for films‘, visit Cini Fire Tech at

Worldwide SEO Results

Just a couple of examples of websites showing top search engines listings around the world.

Vintage Vacations wanted to have worldwide exposure for search terms such as ‘Airstream Holidays‘, they hit the top spots and have multiple front page listings on Google and other search engines for the results they wanted.

They get consistent worldwide results for all of the search terms that are relevant to their business. Visit

Funky Rice Charms, this is a fully mobile friendly online shop that sells rice charms around the world. They appear at the top of google worldwide for terms such as ‘Rice Charms’ and ‘Bespoke Rice Charms’. Visit the Funky Rice Charms website at


Isle of Wight Geek SEO Service

The above are just a few examples, but these results do not happen by accident, and what is more important these clients have not paid for expensive marketing campaigns, pay per clicks or sponsored listings.

My SEO techniques are consistent across all the websites that I design and / or optimize and are ethical and organic and my clients pay an affordable realistic one off fee for my service.

All the above-mentioned websites can be viewed on my Portfolio Page.

Please contact me if you think I can help with your SEO campaign.

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